Xavier Holliday is one of the main characters of No Tomorrow. He is being portrayed by actor Joshua Sasse.

After reading about an asteroid and how it's going to pass through Earth, Xavier became convinced that based on atmospheric expansion due to global warming, there will be an impact.


Season 1

Xavier meets an awkward woman named Evie at a Rutabaga stall. They both talked a bit, but later departed and never saw each other since. 

Through a matter of fate, Evie shows up at Xavier's doorsteps to deliver his package, which was incidentally delivered to her address. Xavier invites her inside his home and reveals his apocalyptic theory about asteroid WX 354's collision with Earth. He then tries to convince Evie to make an Apocalyst and do the things she always wanted to do. 


After finding out the apocalypse is nigh, Xavier became a risk taking, bold, and daring individual.


Xavier has brown hair and a beard. He dresses very casually most of the time.


Xavier and Evie - A woman who he met at a Rutabaga stand. Xavier feels compelled to show Evie how much fun she can have, especially with the world ending.

Xavier and Jesse - His cousin who is a convict who escaped from the law. They have a close relationship and treat each other like brothers.


Number Episode Title Instance
1 Pilot Shown
2 No Crying In Baseball Shown
3 No Doubt Shown
4 No Holds Barred Shown
5 No Regrets Shown
6 No Debts Remains Unpaid
7 No You Say It First
8 Episode 8

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