Evie is a main character in the CW Television Network series No Tomorrow. She is being portrayed by actress Tori Anderson.


Season 1

Evie meets her "dream guy", Xavier, after she goes to his home to return his package which was incidentally delivered to her address. Xavier seemed nice at first, but then he reveals his apocalyptic theory about asteroid 2000 WX 354's collision with Earth.


She is an awkward, risk-adverse individual who was always hesitant to try new things.


Evie has blonde hair and hazel eyes.


Evie and Xavier - A charming man who tries to make her take risks and have fun.

Evie and Timothy - Her ex boyfriend.

Evie and Deirdre - Her boss who she is trying to hook up with Hank.


Number Episode Title Instance
1 Pilot Shown
2 No Crying In Baseball Shown
3 No Doubt Shown
4 No Holds Barred Shown
5 No Regrets
6 No Debts Remains Unpaid
7 No You Say It First
8 Episode 8

Notes and Trivia

  • She incidentally puked on stage in 4th Grade. This scarred her, contributing to her stage frights.
  • Her family thinks she has the "voice of an angel" and that she should audition for American TV show The Voice.
  • Her favorite band is Whitesnake.