Deirdre Hackmeyer is a reoccurring character in the CW Television Network series No Tomorrow. She is being portrayed by actress Amy Pietz.


Season 1

After reading an ill-mattered and offensive email sent from Evie's email address. Deirdre fires her, unbeknownst of the fact that Evie wasn't the perpetrator who wrote the email. Evie then tries to prove her innocence by showing Deirdre the IP address the email was sent on, and pointing out how it had a different address as her own. Deirdre is convinced and hires her back under one condition - Evie must help her in winning Hank's affections.


Deirdre has somewhat of a restrained, emotionless, and serious personality. This causes her to be quite horrible at social interactions. Especially at work where there are certain guidelines with human communications, behavior, and relations which she feels obligated to follow word-by-word.

Considering her position, Deirdre is a very intelligent individual who takes work very seriously. She is shown to have an endearing side with Hank, who she harbors feelings for.


Deirdre has medium-long brown hair, which is slightly wavy. She wears glasses and her eye color is brown. Her looks give off a mature and serious demeanor.


Deirdre and Evie - Deirdre bribed her for help in winning Hank's affections.

Deirdre and Hank - She quote "Harbors feelings for Hank that go beyond appreciation for his extreme competence as an assistant."



Number Episode Title Instance
1 Pilot Shown
2 No Crying In Baseball Shown
3 No Doubt Shown
4 No Holds Barred Shown
5 No Regrets
6 No Debts Remains Unpaid
7 No You Say It First
8 Episode 8

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